101 book collection

In today’s world, where technology and the virtual space occupy a large portion of our time, the importance of reading for children as a cultural and educational activity is felt more than ever. The 101 book series aims to create a connection between children and the world of books by collecting and publishing engaging and educational stories, thereby providing them with an enjoyable reading experience. This article provides a brief introduction to these books, the price of book 101, how to purchase book 101, and other details.

101 book collection

Introduction to the 101 Book Series

The 101 book series includes four titles:

  • 101 Bedtime Stories
  • 101 Animal Stories
  • 101 Enchanted Stories
  • 101 Farm Stories

The copyright for this series has been purchased by Atico Corporation from an Italian publisher named Moon. These books are designed to present children’s stories with attractive and colorful illustrations, suitable for children aged three to five years. The texts in the 101 books are written in a simple yet engaging language, allowing children to easily connect with the stories. The stories are designed in such a way as to arouse children’s curiosity and encourage them to think and imagine.

Key Features of the 101 Book Series

In addition to exciting images and engaging stories, the 101 series includes outstanding technical specifications that ensure the high quality of these products. Among these features are the type of hard sponge cover with seven-color silver stamping services, UV glitter, and embossing, hardback binding with a flat bottom, 150gsm glossy paper, and a total of 120 pages with four-color printing. These technical specifications demonstrate Atico’s commitment to providing high-quality and valuable products.

Price and Purchase of Book 101

Currently, the price of each volume in this series is 1,750,000 Rials or about three and a half dollars. Given the high quality and valuable content of this series, Book 101 is an excellent choice for gifting to children and encouraging them to read. Atico, by continuing its professional activity in purchasing copyright for valuable books, seeks to respect the material and intellectual rights of creators and publishers to deliver quality and valuable content to its customers worldwide.

Review of Book 101

The 101 book series has attracted the attention of parents and children worldwide due to its engaging and educational content. Reader reviews indicate that these books have provided a pleasurable and educational experience for children. High ratings on reputable book sites also confirm the unique quality and appeal of the content presented in this series.

About the Authors of Book 101

The books in the 101 series have been written by a group of children and young adult writers, each bringing their own perspectives and diverse writing styles. This variety in authors has led to the creation of stories with different backgrounds and characters, each imparting moral lessons and life teachings to children in its own unique way. The authors’ attention to various topics and their creative outlook on the world of children have doubled the literary and educational value of this series.

The Advantages of Buying Book 101 from AticoCorporation

Purchasing the 101 series books from Atico Corporation comes with numerous benefits. The first and most significant advantage is access to the original and high-quality editions of this series. AticoCorporation, by offering consultancy services in book selection, assists parents in making the best choice according to the age and interests of their children. Furthermore, the possibility of online purchasing and fast delivery of books worldwide makes it extremely convenient and flexible for families.


The 101 book series is not just a collection of children’s books but serves as a bridge between generations and cultures. By offering a variety of stories and attractive illustrations, this series provides a unique and enjoyable reading experience for children. At the same time, it allows parents the opportunity to spend valuable moments with their children by purchasing the 101 book series. More than just a book collection, the 101 series is an investment in our children’s future and fostering their interest in books and reading.

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