How to place an order:

In atico Complex, you can place your desired print order. atico Printing House offers a variety of printing services and features. You can select the print feature according to your desired final result.

The process of ordering from printing to production has simple steps and we are with you in the atico Complex at each step. atico experts will stay in touch with you in any part of this process, and you will be provided with the necessary information by going through every step from design to printing, packing, and delivery.

Services archive is a gallery where you can see the samples manufactured by the atico group.

Here, this page describes the entire printing process, from order registration to shipment separately.



Features of atico

High print speed
High speed printing of orders by updated printing machines and accepting urgent orders
High print quality
Modern and quality printing machines to provide the highest quality printing services
Price guarantee
Affordable prices compared to the highest quality printed products at a competitive price

1. Submit your order

The first step of placing an order is to fill out the Ordering Form. After you submit your credentials in the form, wait for our sales team in approximately 2 working days to contact you and talk to you about your order, including its price, shipping options, and how to continue the process to reach your exact choice. We also offer free consultations about printing design, its services, and how we can help you to get what you want.

The important matter about the order finalization process is the print consultation that the atico complex will offer. Our experts and specialists with knowledge and experience gained over the years in the printing industry will guide you in choosing the best option (from printing services and paper material options to packaging and shipping). This consultation could lead to higher quality and more costly printed products.

2. Pay the proforma invoice

After negotiating with our sales team, the next step in your ordering process is to confirm and pay the proforma invoice. This will be a portion of your final invoice and is the first payment you have to complete that allows us to begin the printing process. One important issue is that due to the severe currency fluctuations in our country, all of our invoices have a 48-hour limit on payment and after this time the price of your order might change. 

3. Printing and Production

When you have done the proforma invoice payment, the production, and printing of your order start. The time of this process depends on the circulation of your order and the services you have chosen for your print and design and you will be informed about the estimated time of the process completion. But there are no worries as your special sales expert will be in touch with you, keep you up to date and answer your questions during this process. You can see the equipment used to print products in atico.

4. Pay the final part of the payment

After the printing and producing process is done, we inform you and double-check the details of your order with you. Then we will send you the final invoice and estimate the time of delivery to your location. This is the second and final part of your payment.

5. Choose your delivery options

 After confirmation and completing the transfer, the shipping will begin. The estimated time of your delivery will vary due to your choice of delivery options and the circulation of your order. Our experts will be here to consult you about every part of your shipment. 

If you have any questions that have been left unanswered, you can visit the Frequently asked questions page and find your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I get more information about the printed products of atico ?

After filling out the form, our sales team will contact you ad give you the information you will need. You can also visit the main FAQ and under the ordering tab, you can find more questions and answers.

2I want to fill out the registration form but I don’t know how to fill in some of the parts.

You don’t have to fill all the parts in the form. Only the parts marked with a star (*) are important and should be filled. More information will be shared with you later by our sales experts.

3How much time does it take from registering the form to delivering the cargo?

The time between these two steps can vary a lot based on different situations and elements. Some of these obstacles can be omitted by coordination between different parts and ordering at the right time. You can also ask our sales experts after you have submitted your order and they will estimate the time of delivery for your order.

4How can I know if the file I’m sending is technically ready to be printed?

After you have sent the printable file to us, our experts in print and design will survey and check your file and then they will alter some changes to it if necessary. These changes prepare the file to be printed without any errors. Of course, all of these changes will be made to the file with your acceptance. 

5I don’t seem to find what I want in the registration form. What should I do?

You can always contact atico Group and our sales expert will tell you if the product you want to manufacture can be produced or not. They will contact you back as soon as they found out about your order.

Free consultation

Print Consultation

Our experts at Atico answer your questions and guide you in choosing the best printing features. To contact Atiko and receive advice, fill out Atico's order registration form or enter your name and phone number here. We will contact you in less than 24 working hours.